Yesterday’s article from IU Einstein Karim Rahemtulla explains how SoFi Technologies (Nasdaq: SOFI) can profit from the latest student loan forgiveness news.

student loan forgiveness news sofi

It looks like there is finally an end in sight for the student loan debt relief plan!

You’ll recall the plan began during the Trump administration. It will end, hopefully, during the Biden administration.

When it comes to handing out cash, neither party is shy!

The general plan here is to offer debt relief based on income and to end the moratorium on loan payments by January of 2023.

That’s very good news for providers of student loans, which have seen their share prices rocked by the uncertainty of the situation.

With investors still trying to figure out which way is up, it’s time to move on one company in particular.

SoFi’s Lending Segment Could See Growth From the Latest Student Loan Forgiveness News

SoFi Technologies is a modern, member-centric one-stop shop for financial services.

The company operates through three segments: lending, financial services and a technology platform.

  • The lending segment includes its personal loan, student loan and home loan products and the related servicing activities.
  • The technology platform segment maintains its platform-as-a-service through Galileo, which provides the infrastructure behind its consumer-friendly user interface.
  • The financial services segment focuses on checking and savings accounts, cash management, investments and credit cards.

You’ve probably seen SoFi’s ads on TV. Or maybe you’ve seen the company’s name plastered across SoFi Stadium, where the Rams won the most recent Super Bowl.

What you might not know (if you’re not a shareholder) is that SoFi also has a chunk of its lending portfolio in student loans.

Despite the toll those loans have taken on the company’s portfolio due to the moratorium on payments, SoFi has managed to grow and to beat expectations.

Imagine what will happen once the money from student loans starts flowing in!

The company’s backer, SoftBank, had been selling SoFi shares to raise cash to cover losses from other ventures. That’s another overhang that has been lifted.

Most telling, though, is the millions of dollars that SoFi insiders have been plowing into shares this year, despite all the “bad” news.

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