Sundial Growers stock has not done amazing since its start. But, the market cap has made this company a unicorn. By unicorn, I mean, it’s hit the billion-dollar mark. And that alone is something to be extremely proud of.

There are more people turning to cannabis and hemp-based products for medical purposes. This will likely continue. And it will create mass adoption of the plant for recreational uses.

It isn’t insane to think that someday, cannabis could become as common as alcohol. So, since cannabis can give us all kinds of different products, it’s the logical answer. Plus, there are more millionaires now than there ever were. A greater amount of people with higher wealth. That means more cash flowing to recreational industries. It’s ‘new and exciting.’

And, marijuana can become addictive. Which is another point to keep in mind. It’s likely to become more widely accepted over time. And, it will probably take a similar route as liquor or cigarettes.

And when I say that, I mean, socially and economically. In the 1900’s, liquor and cigarettes were considered ‘cool.’ For liquor, there was an “underground” system. Marijuana did also. It still does in some areas.

Then, alcohol bans lifted. Much like cannabis is going through now. While people still partake in liquor and cigarettes, the industry has slowed substantially. But, there are still many profits to be had in both.

For investors, the potential returns for cannabis are insane. And as far as Sundial Growers stock goes, stock prices aren’t great. But, with time, they’ll likely increase.

Sundial growers stock forecast.

About Sundial Growers Stock

Sundial Growers is a cannabis company with a market cap of over $1 billion. They provide edibles, smoking products, tinctures, and more. Creams and vape products are also included in that list.

The Sundial website’s divided up into several different categories. And those categories include Calm, Ease, Flow, Lift and Spark. That, along with the use of many colors on the website is a great use of marketing.

And that’s the thing that sticks out to me with Sundial Growers stock.

They are very strategic with their marketing. The customer experience flows and gets the customer excited about the products.

Plus, they position them to be very high quality.

They put a great focus on making sure their crops and plants are well cared for and maintained. Controlling the amount of light, water, and food each plant gets is in their regimen.

And, such controlled structure helps very much when franchising. That’s one of the main keys to success for McDonald’s.

And Sundial owns several different brands. These include Sundial (of course), Palmetto, Grasslands and Topleaf. Each of these brands has a different place in the market. They each serve a different type of customer.

Stock News

Sundial Growers stock has recently reestablished it strategy. It sold lots of new stock in 2021, paid off all its debt, and made over one billion dollars. They began buying up competitors, too.

Alcanna was one of those companies. It’s a liquor store operator with weed stores. And Sundial purchased Inner Spirit in 2021.

So, the next step is to put these brands to work for them.

How Is Sundial Growers Doing as a Company?

Sundial Growers stock has all the major corporate filings accessible on its website. That’s a great sign. Because it shows they are serious about the growth of the company for the long-term outlook.

The corporate presentation looks very persuasive. The company focuses on vape products. The leadership includes high performers, too. Leaders from companies like Mars, Molson Coors and Kellogg’s.

On its financial statement, the assets to liability ratio is phenomenal. Liabilities are in the lower tens of thousands. And assets? They are in the upper hundreds of thousands.

Governance of Sundial Growers stock, as I said above, is fantastic. The company has brought on people who have success in their fields. And those fields are quite relevant to the cannabis industry. And what Sundial aims to do. Which to be mass production and becoming the largest company on the market.

Also in 2021, Sundial offered loans to other cannabis companies. This shows a strong financial position in the market. But, it also shows they may be getting a feel for how other companies are doing, too. And, there may possibly be some more acquisitions in the future.

Stock Forecast 2025

Sundial Growers stock is headed in the right direction. As far as the bear in the stock chart, it’s likely to be temporary. New lows will hit if they haven’t already. Then, the stock could begin climbing again.

Plus, it seems that investors haven’t quite caught on to Sundial’s profitability yet. Soon, they will. And then stock could begin to rise. For the long-term, I predict Sundial to be a great investment. I can’t promise any specific numbers for 2025.

But, the financial statements are positive. The way Sundial Growers stock rebounded in 2021 shows how adaptable they can be. And who knows how high their profitability will go in the future.

Just like any other newer market, profitability will decrease over time.

And it will happen for Sundial. But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I imagine it will take at least another decade. Especially since Sundial is buying up many of its competitors.

The fact that they’re in a controversial industry is an advantage for investors. And it will likely reward those who are paying attention.

Buying stock in a controversial, yet inevitable market? That’s smart. Even if the industry goes against your morals, there’s money to be had.

Should I Buy Sundial Growers Stock?

I can’t tell you that. If you love cannabis, then I would say this is a great stock for you. If you don’t? Then, you should do some more digging to make sure this is something you want to contribute to.

The cannabis industry will keep growing for a while. And it seems obvious there is money to be had, too.

But, as an investor, it is usually best to stay away from companies you don’t believe in.

And that can be perceived in different ways, too. Maybe you did some due diligence. And you believe the company will do well, but you don’t like what they are doing.

Maybe you believe the company won’t do well, based on your due diligence. Even though they are in a market you love.

The main thing is to trade and invest what you’re comfortable with.

Go check out more of Sundial Growers stock. Decide on whether you want to invest or not, and tell me about your decision in the comments!