Why We’ll Never See “Normal” Interest Rates Again

Low and negative interest rates have investors worried. But this trend isn’t new. In fact, rates have been slipping for nearly as long as they’ve been in existence…

Risk: Your One Guarantee in Retirement

Investment risk. We think we understand it… few of us really do, though. And it will be the undoing of many retirees.

The Second Best Way to Get Rich

Is starting a small business really the best way to get rich in America? Turns out there’s an even better (and less risky) method…

Technical Tuesday: How to Avoid the Market’s Fake-out

Why am I applying a rule that generally applies to a new bull market? The key is to understand the true severity of the recent October sell-off.

The Greatest Wealth Creation Idea of All Time

In my last column, I explained why hard-money types have been wrong about the economy, inflation, the dollar, the stock market and gold. Judging by the many responses readers posted, this is a hot-button issue, one that some folks have a tough time thinking clearly about.

Venezuela’s Currency Spells Disaster for Investors

As Venezuela continues down the road to stagflation, one thing is for sure: There will be effects on the stock market. More than 100 foreign companies are stuck in the negative pull of Venezuela’s rate, according to Morningstar analysts. Here are the big ones, along with insight into the country’s future in foreign investment.

Investing in Bonds: Three Steps to Smarter Bond Investing

At our Oxford Club Chairman’s Circle conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples last week, I noted a decided optimism…

Investing in Bonds: Three Steps to Smarter Bond Investing

Historical Investment Returns: Telling The Real Story on Investing Today