Many investors biggest dream is to buy a stock just before a massive price increase. We saw that happen at the beginning of last year with the short squeeze of GameStop. The stock reached nearly 30x its value from the beginning of the month. Upstart Holdings, Moderna, Devon Energy and Continental Resources all saw massive increases last year as well. But how can investors know which stocks are going up fast?

which stocks are going up fast

How To Know Which Stocks Are Going Up Fast?

To identify stocks that may go up soon, analysts look at key indicators. These include financial statements, business fundamentals that measure financial health as well as the evaluation of the company’s fair price or intrinsic value. By understanding if a stock is trading at a fair price, investors can determine whether or not the stock is undervalued or overvalued. The greater the difference between the current trading price and the fair price, the more likely the stock will move. This may happen fairly quickly if the trading volume is high.

IU Einstein Bryan Bottarelli says…

“You want the market to agree with you, but not right now. You want the market to agree with you in six months. Because the market is forward thinking and stock prices are based on future value, not present value. So you want to buy a stock now that’s cheap and that’s overlooked and that’s undervalued. This is because Wall Street isn’t paying attention to it. The present value is cheap. But in six months time when that stock recovers and comes back up, and everyone now agrees that it is a buy… you bought it six months ago and now you’re selling it to all those people for a much higher price.”

Which Stocks are Moving Right Now?

The truth is, the chance of knowing which stocks are going up fast is slim. Most investors will hold onto stocks for decades and are happy if they see a 10% return or more each year. The stock market only moves on average -1% and +1% a day, for 70% of the days each year. On a really good day, you might see it move as much as 4% or 5%, but that is extremely rare.

However, there are individual stocks that have huge movements every single week. Here are some from this week.

The following stocks have the Highest 5-Day Percent Change.

Symbol Name 5D %Chg Last Change %Chg
VLCN Volcon Inc 37.44% 2.96 1.12 60.87%
AXSM Axsome Thera 26.81% 59.27 16.84 39.69%
FL Footlocker Inc 23.81% 38.4 6.42 20.08%
TAYD Taylor Devices Inc 15.61% 10.0001 1.5757 18.70%
GBNH Greenbrook Tms 21.19% 2.8 0.43 18.14%
LTRPB Liberty Tripadv B 51.76% 40.6 5.2 14.69%
BNSO Bonso Elec Intl IN 29.30% 5.25 0.67 14.63%
BILL Holdings Inc 7.89% 170.8 21.4 14.32%
PETZ Tdh Holdings Inc 17.78% 3.4 0.42 14.09%
RMTI Rockwell Medical IN 9.24% 2.17 0.23 11.86%
HSTO Histogen Inc 17.76% 2.1 0.22 11.70%
APDN Applied Dna Scns 9.19% 4 0.4 11.11%
CVM Cel-Sci Corp 9.11% 4.65 0.43 10.19%


Final Thoughts

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