Metaverses are coming. Whether you like it or not, these immersive digital worlds are gearing up to revolutionize the online community. And that’s why ArcadeNetwork crypto (ARC) has our attention.

Illustrations of cross-platform avatars interacting thanks to ArcadeNetwork crypto.

ArcadeNetwork is on a mission to build a bridge between various metaverses and allow digital assets to be transferred from one to the other. With all of the efforts being put into building out metaverses, this could play a huge roll in streamlining the ability to navigate between them.

For instance, you’ve probably heard by now that Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) just made a $69 billion investment into the metaverse. Its acquisition of Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI) is seen by most folks as a direct way into the creation of a metaverse all its own.

Then of course, there’s Meta Platforms (Nasdaq: FB). Facebook is planning on making a splash so big into the metaverse it went so far as to change its name to emphasize its new focus. This despite the fact that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has noted that it could take as up to 10 years before its project enters the mainstream. But that’s not stopping the competition from heating up.

More recently, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) made its intentions into the metaverse known. It recently sent a messenger down to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with a bunch of applications in tow. And they didn’t consist of new robots for store floors. As Manward Press founder Andy Snyder put it:

The king of low prices and economic disruption is going digital. It filed to protect its unique ideas for NFT (nonfungible token) and blockchain technology.

They’ll be used, the filings say, by members of an online community via a global computer network.

All of this nascent competition could be huge for ArcadeNetwork crypto.

ArcadeNetwork Crypto: Reasons to Be Bullish

Those who have been around the block a few times might remember Second Life. It was an immersive roleplaying game with dance clubs, virtual movie theaters and all sorts of other things to do. It even offered a place for remote meetings, a marketplace and yes, its own digital currency. In other words, it was an early example of a metaverse.

It was pretty heady stuff considering this was years before the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to cryptocurrencies… And even longer before NFTs were collected and Zoom meetings became the norm. But nonetheless, despite having more than 1 million regular users at its peak, the game largely fell out of favor. And though it still exists, it’s nowhere near as popular as it once was.

There are all sorts of reasons why Second Life’s star faded. And these will serve as lessons for other organizations creating their own on blockchain technology. But one thing that’s sure to be different is there won’t be just one metaverse… No matter how hard Meta Platforms tries to be the big dog. And interconnectedness could play a big role in more widespread adoption.

Imagine being able to show off your Axie Infinity NFTs in DeFi Kingdoms. That in of itself would be a pretty interesting feature if the project behind ArcadeNetwork crypto were able to pull off its mission. But that’s just the starting point. In theory, this project could allow the ability to take your Meta Platforms avatar and all of its digital assets over to Microsoft’s gaming platform. And from there, head into the digital aisles of Walmart store in the metaverse. It would be like how Zapier connects Facebook and Twitter… But way more impressive.

Where the Metaverse Is Heading

There’s no shortage of doomsday predictions for the metaverse. Some predict it will destroy lives. It could ramp up the effects of cyberbullying. And other still believe it could warp our actual reality. Some of this could turn out to be true. From our purview, the internet can be a toxic place. And a more immersive version of it could be damaging to some.

However, the positive potential it could have is equally impressive. But news outlets don’t often like to detail the good news. They’ve learned over the years that doom and gloom stories are much more pervasive. That’s why cable news ratings flourished during the pandemic. There was just so much bad news to share. But we’re not jumping on board with that trend. We see the metaverse cup as at least half full.

For starters, the metaverse has the potential to level the playing field in terms of experiences and education between low- and upper-income people. Everyone could have access to similar online classes and virtual reality trips around the world…

Imagine the ability to scale snowy peaks only accessed by explorers with pockets deep enough to pay for expensive permits and help from Sherpas. Classrooms will never fill up again. The metaverse won’t run out of space in the classrooms of in-demand teachers. And the ability to meet people from around the world and interreact with them will never have been easier.

And these are just a few of the easy examples. The creation of new possibilities and opportunities is even more vast. And the ability to experience them all seamlessly vie the developers behind ArcadeNetwork crypto could be a huge addition to all of this.

Where to Buy ArcadeNetwork Crypto

As it stands, ArcadeNetwork crypto is available via two main exchanges. One being PancakeSwap. The other is the centralized exchange MEXC. Of the two, MEXC is much easier to navigate. It allows a pretty straightforward process of buying crypto via U.S. Dollars, British Pounds or exchanging other cryptos for it. The hardest part is signing up for and account and the multi-authentication process.

PancakeSwap is a slightly more difficult exchange to navigate. And you’ll need to utilize some third-party tools to be able to do so. To start, you’ll need a Trust Wallet app with some Binance Coin in it. Then head to the PancakeSwap website to search from ArcadeNetwork crypto (ARC). Once you find it, set the slippage between 11% and 12% and choose how much you want to purchase. Then you just need to confirm the transaction. That being said, because there are some third-party processes that need to function right, it might not go through the first time.

The Bottom Line on ARC Token

All the attention that companies have made splashing into the metaverse have put a lot of attention on ArcadeNetwork crypto. And that’s for good reason. It’s out ahead of the curve. This could give it a big leg up on the competition. As the governance token for such a potentially powerful tool, it looks like a savvy investment right now. And that’s despite the bullish trading activity around it.

However, it still has a very low market cap. So volatility is likely to be high in the coming months. Nonetheless, if ArcadeNetwork lives up to its promise, it’s unlikely to be trading as cheap as it is now by this time next year. And that’s doubly the case if and when more companies make a play into a metaverse of their own.