Microcap stocks, like penny stocks, can give some of the greatest returns ever heard of. And, if they are a business with a solid start and a stock offering, they could make you insane amounts of money.

Microcap stocks are, by definition, small companies. They have a market cap between $50 million and $300 million. However, because they’re often new, without much history to prove their worth, they’re risky.

That being said, don’t be afraid of investing in microcap stocks, be aware. And, when you’re deciding on whether to invest or not, it helps to understand economics.

Look at the market the stock is in. Are they addressing a new need? How will outside factors influence the success of this company? What about the people inside the company?

Asking yourself these questions and poking around will help you decide.

Below, I’ve outlined some great microcap stocks for you to check out. And if you like what they do, maybe you’ll buy.

Best microcap stocks to invest in.

Best Microcap Stocks

  1. Euroseas (Nasdaq: ESEA)
  2. FAT Brands (Nasdaq: FAT)

The following stocks have profit margins greater than 1,000%!

  1. VirnetX Holding Corp (NYSE: VHC)
  2. Meridian Mining UK Societas (OTC: MRRDF)
  3. Aurion Resources Ltd (OTC: AIRRF)
  4. Integrity Applications Inc (OTC: IGAP)
  5. Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas Ltd. (OTC: ECAOF)
  6. Exicure (Nasdaq: XCUR)
  7. Tenax Therapeutics (Nasdaq: TENX)
  8. Snowline Gold Corp. (OTC: SNWGF)

Microcap Stocks to Invest In

No. 1 Euroseas

Market Cap: $185 million

Euroseas headquarters are in Greece. It went public in 2005. And despite its small market cap, it was founded over a century ago. In fact, they’ve been shipping for almost 140 years.

When you look at the press releases for this company, it’s not uncommon to see projects that sustain at least two months. In addition, they usually make around $130K- $200K per day.

To sum up, with rates like these, it makes you wonder how much it takes to break even with each project.

No. 2 FAT Brands

Market Cap: $155 million

FAT stands for Fresh, Authentic, Tasty.

Along with the great name, FAT Brands is one of the leading franchising platforms. Do you know which industry the company targets? Fast food and casual dining businesses.

The company itself even owns 14 brands. Including FatBurger, Marble Slab Creamery and Ponderosa Steakhouse. In addition, it also owns over 2K buildings around the globe.

FAT Brands is one of the best microcap stocks if you’re looking for something fun. And, with our huge affinity for comfort food, it’s doubtful they’re going anywhere.

No. 3 VirnetX Holding Corp

Market Cap: $202 million

VirnetX has profit margins greater than 1,000%, which is why it’s one of the best microcap stocks to invest in. And all the companies that follow this stock do, too.

Apparently, VirnetX is a controversial company. It’s been called a “patent troll.”

However, there’s always two sides to the story. In January 2021, VirnetX took Apple to court for infringing on two of VirnetX’s patents. Virnet won, and received hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus, royalties for any future infringements.

No. 4 Meridian Mining UK Societas

Market Cap: $136 million

Meridian has been a recommendation in a couple of my other posts. The company focuses on mining for copper and gold in Brazil.

Further, Meridian has set its sights on becoming a mid-tier production company. It’s also been using 2021 to work on its 10K meter program. This program is being carried out by a low-risk, underground mine called Cabacal. Moreover, it’s goal is to mine 10K meters.

Certainly, Copper is very useful in construction. To sum up, it’s likely the new infrastructure bill will affect this company in a great way.

No. 5 Aurion Resources Ltd

Market Cap: $83 million

Aurion specializes in exploring and mining for gold. Located in Canada, the company focuses on Finnish properties. Aurion also has several partnerships with other mining companies, too.

Finland is a wonderful place to find gold. And Aurion has attracted major gold businesses, like Kinross and B2 Gold.

Gold prices are predicted to rise in the coming years, therefore, this could be one of the best microcap stocks to own.

No. 6 Integrity Applications Inc

Market Cap: $54 million

Integrity headquarters are in Israel, and it targets the biotech industry.

The company has a straightforward mission:  To provide a pain-free system for tracking glucose levels.

In short, it does this with a small machine that clips to your ear and reads your level.

To sum up, the company has great management and many decades of experience behind the three of them.

No. 7 Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas Ltd.

Market Cap: $49 million

Eco Atlantic is one of the best microcap stocks in the oil and gas industry. The company explores and develops interests in places like South America and Africa. In addition, Eco specifically targets territories that are very low risk, both technically and politically.

Most importantly, it’s also listed on the TSX, and received a Venture 50 award for the past 3 years in a row. To clarify, the Venture 50 is like Canada’s version of the Fortune 500. Fifty companies are named the top performers, of all the companies listed on the TSX.

No. 8 Exicure

Market Cap: $42 million

This is a microcap stock in the biotech industry. For example, it aims to address inflammatory diseases, genetic disorders and cancer. Exicure has a large team, and the company definitely shows that off on its website.

Certainly, cures and therapies for cancer are always worthwhile activities. And in 2021, Exicure has been attending many conferences. As a result, the company is marketing and getting the word of its work out there. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if it gets plenty of support, making it a great addition to your list of best microcap stocks.

No. 9 Tenax Therapeutics

Market Cap: $32 million

Tenax is an old company, founded in 1967. It focuses on rare cardio and pulmonary diseases. And if the disease has an unmet need, the company is almost sure to take it on. Most importantly, Tenax will develop specialty pharmaceuticals for these diseases. Then, it’ll take them to market through commercialization.

Moreover, at a very low price, it may be a great time to buy.

Right now, Tenax is focused on pulmonary hypertension. Engaging in clinical studies and trials, it holds scientific research in high regard.

In addition, one of the products the company offers has been proven effective in over 60 countries. And, the other is clearing a Phase 3 trial for effectiveness.

In conclusion, with two products addressing unmet needs, this is one microcap stock that’s ready for success.

Best Microcap Stocks No. 10 Snowline Gold Corp.

Market Cap: $38 million

Snowline is another Canadian gold company. Canada is so full of wonderful natural resources. And because of that, it houses some of the best mining companies in the world. Similarly, the TSX even draws companies from other areas of the globe to list stocks on its exchange.

And Snowline focuses on finding great gold prospects right at home, in the Yukon.

In conclusion, finding the best microcap stocks to add to your portfolio can be intimidating. It’s important to do your research and find what works best for you. For more insight on the stock market and emerging trends, sign up for the Trade of the Day e-letter below. You’ll hear directly from market experts. Sign up today!