Investment Opportunities

Don’t Bet on This Top Wall Street Hedge Fund

This high-profile hedge fund manager delivered an eye-popping 58.1% return last year, but here’s why his fund is not a safe bet for wealth creation.

Why You Should Not Pay Off Your Mortgage

Mainstream investment gurus extoll the virtues of paying off your mortgage. But they’re wrong. Your mortgage is an essential tool for building wealth.

Peloton and Twitter – Two Earnings Plays to Watch Immediately

Will Peloton and Twitter gap up or gap down tomorrow morning? We’ll certainly be tracking and trading them in The War Room.

The Future of Energy Storage Systems

The Advanced Rail Energy Storage system is the new way to store power.

How Coronavirus Exposed a Sector Weakness

Fears of coronavirus have affected energy stocks, leading to low prices and losses.

Removing the Mystery From the VXX

Knowing how to trade the VXX is just as important as understanding how it actually works.

How to Play the Election Cycle in Your Favor

The uncertain market during the past few election years means it’s time to build a more defensive portfolio in 2020.

Lyft Stock Rises as Earnings Report Approaches

Lyft stock got off to a rough start after its initial IPO. However, the ridesharing company looks to turn things around in over the next few months.