Much of the crypto markets have been in a retreat pattern. But meanwhile, Cosmos crypto (ATOM), has been on an absolute tear. And a big shout out to any long-term holders. Early adopters have rung up a massive 890% winner here if they got in back in 2019. Heck, it’s up more than 500% so far just in 2021. Color us jealous. However, before you feed your FOMO and decide to jump in, there are some important factors to weigh. Then you can decide if this altcoin is heading “to the moon.”

Illustration of the Cosmos crypto logo

When Cosmos crypto first launched, skepticism abounded. And justifiably so. The team behind it had lofty ideas. You can read the whitepaper here. And its launch on the wrong side of the Great Crypto Crash of 2018 didn’t exactly inspire onlookers. Yet, as the crypto market slowly clawed back some of its dignity, the team behind Cosmos crypto kept their heads down and continued on their mission.

And with that, here we are. Cosmos crypto is starting to fulfill some of its promises. Its big goal – one that’s easy to admire – is to establish a decentralized version of the internet… A vision not terribly different from that of Internet Computer Crypto (IPC). But while ICP is downward bound value-wise (for the time being), Cosmos is anything but. And that’s partially due to the fact that a lot of progress has been made in the Cosmos vision.

Why Cosmos Crypto Hit an All-Time High

Whether you’ve been watching for a while or just recently heard of Cosmos crypto, it’s worth checking out the projects’ endeavors. As mentioned above, the big push is establishing a decentralized version of the internet. Already, it features applications and services that make use of blockchain technology. As such, it’s a community-owned and driven project. To date, there are more than 250 applications operating under the guise of Cosmos… With many more to come.

On top this push towards a decentralized internet, the Cosmos network of interconnected blockchains has more than $140 billion of digital assets under management. This is huge. That’s because it could make it a lot easier to establish a sustainable internet – one built on blockchains. What we like about this plan is that challenges internet monopolies. This has the chance to offer completely new business models. And in the process, it has the ability to offer everyone that plays along to have a stake in its ownership.

One of the big reasons the banking and regulatory industry didn’t really pay much mind to crypto until late, is that that the underlying blockchains were siloed. They simply can’t communicate. And this limits the adoptability of cryptocurrencies as well as their uses. But once blockchains can be connected, it allows easier peer-to-peer transfers. Goods and services can be paid for without the need for banks. What’s more, transaction throughput and network congestion could become a thing of the past. And when various blockchains can communicate easier, it should also lead to decreased transaction fees.

And these are the reasons investors have finally sat up and taken notice of Cosmos crypto. It’s solving these problems while making the entire cryptosphere more nimble, effective and practical in the process.

Is Now the Time to Invest?

A stake in Cosmos crypto in some ways is more than just an investment. It’s a vote of confidence. It’s a show of support that a new way for the internet to operate can work. But, it’s also a speculative investment. Anything that goes up in value as fast as Cosmos crypto could fall just as quickly. Although that seems unlikely given the massive amount of trading volume of late.

What seems more likely to happen is a small pullback in value… Followed by a slower, steadier increase as adoption spreads and Cosmos becomes increasingly popular.

With all the space-themed cryptos out there promising to take investors’ “to the moon,” it’s easy to write-off Cosmos crypto as another potential rug pull. But there are reasons to have faith in Cosmos. One reason for this is it’s been trading on one of our favorite exchanges (Coinbase) for quite some time. This is noteworthy because before it vowed to increase its offerings as quickly as possible, new coins had to go through quite a vetting process in order to be listed there. And Cosmos passed that test with flying colors.

The other reason we like Cosmos crypto is it’s a proof-of-stake chain. This means that holders can stake their tokens to help maintain the network… And receive more Cosmos crypto as a reward for the effort. For the most part, this is not the method fly-by-night tokens are built on in order to fleece a few unsuspecting investors. This shows that the team believes in its work. And that they are willing to reward those who also believe in them. In the long-run, there are a lot of investments out there you could do worse with. And if Cosmos crypto comes anywhere near living up to its mission, it’ll be hard to find a better one.

The Bottom Line on Cosmos Crypto

In some ways, an investment in Cosmos crypto now is even more of a gamble than it was a year ago. But that’s largely due to the gift of hindsight. In the long-run, we expect to see continued growth – even if momentum does slow down for a spell. Revolutionizing the way crypto functions and how blockchains communicate isn’t going to happen overnight. But it will happen in the years to come. And there’s a solid chance that Cosmos could be a part of that revolution.

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