The crypto markets have largely bounced back since the selloff triggered by the Russian invasion. However (FET crypto) is going above and beyond. In the past week, this penny crypto has jumped more than 18% in value. And there’s reason to believe this momentum may keep up for a while.

The AI interface that FET crypto is powering.

Evidentially a lot of investors have recently discovered FET crypto. Trading volume has skyrocketed in the past 24 hours. And there’s a lot more buying activity than selling. This is indicative of a widespread bullish sentiment. And that can often mean it’s time to buy.

As our friend Andy Snyder has pointed out, this can be used as part of a larger equation. When buying volume strongly outmatches selling volume, it can be a telltale sign of a strong higher run.

You see, Andy used this as part of his toolkit to predict Bitcoin’s rise in value to all-time highs last year. It also served as a warning. He watched the Bitcoin selloff happen in real time. And he used this info to warn readers of Manward Press that drops in value were coming. And come they did. All of that bullish sentiment changed on a dime.  And by the end of 2021, Bitcoin had shed more than 45% of its value since November.

All of this is why FET crypto looks very promising right now. Like we mentioned, a buying frenzy is taking place. And trading volume is up more than 800%. While we don’t know how long this will go on for, it’s likely to last long enough to continue to push the price of FET crypto higher. At least for the near future.

Why FET Crypto Is Gaining Traction

The protocol powered by FET crypto has created what it calls a “digital twin.” This digital twin helps automate tasks normally reserved for middlemen or sleepless nights. This automated assistant is a small business owner’s dream.

The digital twin is designed to learn from its owner, customers and business partners and conduct business in the metaverse. And its goals are pretty impressive.

Now keep in mind, the metaverse is still largely misunderstood by the public. It’s also worth noting that there’s still a lot of ongoing development. But it is most likely going to be a major part of the human experience in the near future.

Andy, our friend mentioned above, had the opportunity to experience some of the latest virtual reality tech recently. And even though he’s a bit of a luddite, the experience left him in awe. We’ll leave it up to him to explain…

What we’re so excited about has nothing to do with the scary stuff that so many headline writers have glommed onto. Virtual reality won’t soon replace dinner with the family or sex with a real, live human.

It won’t wipe out the business world. It won’t destroy religion… nature… or, despite widely circulated images of cows wearing VR headsets, the food we eat.

Just as the internet has changed the world, what’s coming next will be the realization of some mighty big promises. It will be the intersection of two very powerful ideas. When augmented reality meets the internet, it will unleash a world of possibilities.

Very, very rich possibilities.

And he notes, this isn’t just some new social media platform. It has impressive real-world application.

Approaching the Metaverse

The applications where reality is augmented with high tech gadgetry is likely to have an impact on nearly all sectors. Surgeons will be able to watch a live feed of vital signs when performing surgery. Kids will be able to tour the great outdoors while still parked in the classroom.

For a more immediate application, Boeing (NYSE: BA) recently unveiled new tech that gives mechanics an augmented view of an aircraft or engine. Now, engineers and mechanics can quickly scan for problems. They’ll be able to look behind compartments and panels without breaking out a wrench. And they’ll be able to do so from anywhere in the world… All while overlaying an aircraft’s original schematics.

These are just some of the ways this new technology is likely to take root. And as the applications spread, more and more people will eventually find reason to engage. Eventually, the ability to experience a virtual reality will be normalized. More people will begin to dip their toes into a metaverse. And when they do, we think it’s likely they’ll eventually encounter digital twins in the process.

This is one reason we think FET crypto is selling at a bargain right now. Let us explain…

Where Artificial Intelligence and Business Meet

As of right now, the metaverse largely consists of virtual worlds like Decentraland. And for the time being, poker players are its largest demographic. But remember, before Las Vegas became a ritzy hub of glamor and commerce, it was just a speck in the desert where mafia-associated gamblers used to congregate.

When the transfer towards more real-world experiences begins, businesses will begin to set up shop. This is where is likely to play an important role. And again, this is why we think FET crypto is still trading at a deep discount right now.

The aforementioned digital twins is launching will help businesses in a big way. They will help advertise in the metaverse. They’ll be able to set up contracts between businesses and customers. They’re even designed to help ensure a business is paid for its services.

But the applications of a digital twin are not limited to the metaverse. These virtual robots will be able to help you find the best plumber or landscaper in town. Soon, you’ll be able to teach them how to find the best parking space in a busy downtown metropolis.

And using machine learning, one day they’ll be able to assist in figuring out what’s for dinner. While your digital twin won’t cook it for you, it will be able to learn your diet and preferences and even help coordinate meal plans with friends.

And these are just some of the applications that FET crypto is helping pave the way for.

The Bottom Line on FET Crypto

From our vantage point, there’s good reason to be bullish on FET crypto. And for any potential investors looking for a little more detail on the powerful tools this protocol are funding, we recommend listening to the recent Twitter Spaces Q&A some of the brainiacs behind held.

For those interested in picking up some of the FET crypto token, you can go right to the source at All you need to do is connect a digital wallet and you can buy some with a bank card. But you can also find it at popular exchanges like Binance, KuCoin and Coinbase. And to help calculate your past and future returns, we recommend checking out our handy crypto calculator.

That being said, if you’re more interested in the technology being developed, here’s where you can sign up to get early access to your digital twin. The team is looking to bring some revolutionary technology to the next version of the web. And we think it has the tools to execute it. All of this is why we think FET crypto is trading at a discount right now… But we don’t think that’ll be the case for much longer.