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Financial Freedom is the Best Christmas Present for You

‘Tis the season to be jolly, have hot cocoa or spiked eggnog, watch bad Hallmark Channel movies, sing carols offkey and open presents that may turn out to be Christmas socks. But do you know the best present you can give yourself this Christmas? That, my friend, is nothing other than putting yourself on the path to financial freedom.

After all, financial freedom isn’t one present. It’s so many presents. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. For starters, here are some of the things you get when you are financially independent:

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  1. A Feeling of Peace and Security
    If you’re
    familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you’ll know that Jar Jar Binks returning in the new Star Wars movie is not something we need. But safety and security are our most core needs once we’ve solved for our physiological needs like food and shelter. Some of the items that fall under safety and security needs include employment resources, health and property.

    Financial freedom ties into and provides for all of these. Because 25% of Americans say they worry about money constantly. Worrying saps your mental energy. It steals your zest for life and ability to enjoy your experiences. I know. I do it all day long about everything. I’m like a neurotic 1970s rom-com character from New York.

    But financial independence means not worrying about how to pay down your credit card or meet your next power bill payment. It means not worrying about losing your job. And maybe most importantly, it means not worrying about how you are going to afford retirement.
  2. The Ability to Spend Your Time How You Want

    The great philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau famously wrote, “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.”  And nothing serves as a bigger chain than being forced to go to a job you can’t stand.

    Well, you don’t have to do it forever. I’m definitely not recommending you quit your job today. What I am saying is that by putting yourself on the road to financial freedom, you’ll get to a place where you only work if you want to, when you want to.

    Fifty one percent of people in the United States are not engaged at work. It’s hard to be engaged when you hate going to work to begin with. Stop being a slave to working and get yourself on the road to financial independence. Then seize back your time.
  3. Get Engaged With Meaningful Work
    When you don’t have to work to live, you can find more ways to love the work you do. If you have a passion that you’ve always wanted to pursue but found financially risky, giving yourself the gift of financial freedom this Christmas is your ticket there.

    Maybe you’ve had a hobby you’ve longed to devote more time to – like spelunking or base jumping! Or perhaps you volunteer for a charity you’d like to make a full time career. Starting your own business a longtime dream? Now you could really do it.

    Economic rewards are critical when performing work. But meaning is also important. When you do work you love, you feel connected to the world and like a part of something greater than yourself.  Make it your reality.
  4. Improve Your Relationships
    Twenty-one percent of divorcees cite money as their reason for divorce. Not me, I cite that my ex is terrible. But for many people, it’s the money.

    It’s understandable. When you and your spouse or other important members of your family are not on the same page with financial matters, it can cause stress, anger, fights, and yes – ultimately divorce.

    When money isn’t a concern, it takes a lot of pressure off of your marriage or relationships. And good relationships are one of the most important drivers of our happiness. Maybe the most important.

    So when you give yourself the gift of financial freedom, you’re also giving it by default to the people you care about the most. You are giving them safety, security, peace of mind, a less stressful life, and more happy times and memories with you.
  5. Treat Yourself to Whatever You Want!

    Christmastime is wonderful because we get to give and receive gifts that we love and cherish. But, what if you could do that
    anytime you wanted?

    When you are financially independent, you don’t have to feel guilt or anxiety about treating yourself, your family, or your friends, whenever you want, however you want. Whatever it is you enjoy the most: fancy brand name clothes, luxury vacations, a copy of Action Comics #1 (that one is pretty expensive) can be a present you give to yourself or others guilt-free.

Financial freedom isn’t easy to achieve. It takes work, discipline, and very smart investing. But it is entirely possible. We at Investment U believe that it’s possible for anyone to get there and that’s why we do what we do.

So, this Christmas, enjoy the Christmas socks or Playstation or ACME Corporation poster you receive under the tree for sure. Just don’t forget to give yourself the most important gift of all: get yourself on the road to financial independence.

– Brian M. Reiser,
Investment U Contributing Writer

Convinced that the best thing you can give yourself this Christmas is financial independence but don’t know where to start? I have a solution for that!  Check out my article “How to Become Financially Independent in 7 Steps” now!


Brian M. Reiser has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a concentration in finance from the School of Management at Binghamton University.

He also holds a B.A. in philosophy from Columbia University and an M.A. in philosophy from the University of South Florida.

His primary interests at Investment U include personal finance, debt, tech stocks and more.

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