Below is a microcap stocks list that includes those with a gross profit margin of at least 20%. Some have much higher.

A microcap stock is a company with listed stock. And if it has a market cap of between $50 million and $300 million, it’s considered a microcap. Take a look at the list below.

Microcap stocks list for 2022.

U.S. Microcap Stocks List

  • AstroNova Inc. (Nasdaq: ALOT)
  • FAT Brands Inc, Class A (Nasdaq: FAT)
  • Euroseas Ltd. (Nasdaq: ESEA)
  • BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust, Inc. (Nasdaq: BKN)
  • Liberty Trip Advisor Holdings, Inc. Series A (Nasdaq: LTRPA)
  • Luby’s Inc. (NYSE: LUB)
  • Weidai Ltd. (NYSE: WEI)
  • Patriot Transport Holding, Inc. (Nasdaq: PATI)
  • Puxin Ltd. (NYSE: NEW)
  • NantHealth, Inc. (Nasdaq: NH)
  • Osmotica Pharmaceuticals Plc. (Nasdaq: OSMT)
  • Mexico Equity and Income Fund Inc. (NYSE: MXE)
  • Maiden Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: MHLD)
  • Manning and Napier, Inc. (NYSE: MN)
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (NYSE: PEI)
  • Universal Tech Institute, Inc. (NYSE: UTI)
  • VOXX International Corp (Nasdaq: VOXX)
  • Stellus Capital Investment Corp (NYSE: SCM)
  • Vera Bradley, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRA)
  • High Income Securities Fund (NYSE: PCF)

Top Microcap Stocks List

Above, I gave you a long microcap stocks list to check out. Now, I’m going to go through the top five on that list. And they just so happen to be the best ones on that list, too.

No. 5 AstroNova Inc.

Market Cap: $95 million

AstroNova is a multinational company, operating in the U.S., Mexico and even as far as Singapore. There are several other companies where it does business also. In addition, it serves the defense, industrial, packaging and aerospace industries.

The company focuses on creating data visualization software. So, software that will organize the data and make it easy to read and look at. And it’s a global leader in this area.

This microcap stock offers printer and avionics products. It also offers product labels and marketing. And even offers test and measurement for different industries. This is a great stock to add to your microcap stocks list.

No. 4 FAT Brands Inc, Class A

Market Cap: $170 million

FAT Brands is such a fun company. First, the name. Second, what it does. The company owns many different fast food restaurant chains.

And third- the stock symbol is just “FAT.”

Despite having a few hearty chuckles about this, this company owns quite a few major franchises. Some of these include Marble Slab Creamery, Fazoli’s and Ponderosa Steakhouse.

It has 17 franchises. And it acquires, markets and grows these companies. One of them, Johnny Rocket’s, has recently expanded to South America. So, it’s now a multinational company.

This stock has been doing very well since 2020, so it’s no wonder why investors are adding it to their microcap stocks list. And, if you’re an income investor, it even offers a dividend.

No. 3 Euroseas Ltd.

Market Cap: $201 million

This microcap stock has had a tough run downwards over the years. But, after some time in the dumps, this bear looks like it’s pulling its head back up into a bull.

Euroseas is a Grecian shipping company. Operating for the past 140 years, it was opening shop when it was only boats powered by sails. There weren’t any engines to push them through the ocean.

It has 16 ships, and has recently announced a two- or three-month contract. The price? $130K per day.

And after that, the company will probably embark on a four-year charter for a client. It’s only priced at $42K per day.

Microcap Stocks List No. 2 BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust, Inc.

Market Cap: $304 million

This microcap stock is little high to still qualify for microcap status. However, it’s passing out of the baby stage. And it’s entering the small cap realm. I added it to the microcap stocks list because it could be a great opportunity to jump on a stock with potential to grow.

BlackRock has all kinds of different portfolios and investment options. This one, along with many others of theirs, seem to be doing particularly well.

Microcap Stocks List No. 1 Liberty Trip Advisor Holdings, Inc. Series A

Market Cap: $223 million

While Liberty TripAdvisor owns equity in TripAdvisor, the two are ultimately separate companies.

Liberty stemmed from a company called Qurate Retail. Qurate is a Fortune 500 company in the video commerce industry.

This microcap stock, Liberty, has been on the downtrend for quite some time. For this reason, it would best to watch it and see what it does. If it starts coming back up, find out why.

It could be from new customer acquisition. Or, something else changing within the company.

Also, it very well could rise in the summer. Since Liberty owns some TripAdvisor stock, it’s logical to assume it has a good chance of rising. Especially when more people are travelling.

How to Find Microcap Stocks

It’s very simple. If you are familiar with any stock screeners, use one of those. If you aren’t familiar with any? Still use one. Just type “stock screener” in the search bar. I like to use Yahoo’s stock screener because of its simplicity. And it lists just about every stock in existence. Once you go to the screener, go to where it says, “Market Cap (Intraday) Is… .” Click on the button that says Small Cap.

This will bring up all small and microcap stocks. However, small cap and microcap are not the same. Small cap is larger than microcap. And it’s generally defined as being a company between $300 million and $2 billion. So, there’s a lot of room for play there.

Additionally, you can also define things like the sector and industry of the company. And if you click on “Add another filter,” you’ll find you have a myriad of options to whittle down your search.

The most common ones I use have to do with profit margins and yearly growth. Before you use them, make sure you know what they mean. And double check to make sure you are entering numbers that make sense. This will ensure your microcap stocks list is higher quality. It will give you stocks that you can be confident will bring some nice returns.