I went on Robinhood’s “100 Most Popular” list, and am sharing the most popular penny stocks with you here. These are great penny stocks to watch if you’re hesitant about buying in.

Penny stocks are volatile. That means they can go up or down rapidly. And if you have money in those stocks, then it’s going for a ride. This is a great reason to hold off and just watch a penny stock or two. You can learn a lot by watching before you invest.

Volatility goes both ways. If it goes up, things are great. You make lots of money. But if it goes down, you lose money. Keep this in mind as you start trading penny stocks.

Most Popular Penny Stocks to Watch

finding penny stocks to watch

  1. Sundial Growers (Nasdaq: SNDL)
  2. Zomedica (NYSE: ZOM)
  3. Nokia (NYSE: NOK)
  4. Naked Brand (Nasdaq: NAKD)
  5. Organigram (Nasdaq: OGI)
  6. Ideanomics (Nasdaq: IDEX)
  7. Genius Brands (Nasdaq: GNUS)
  8. HEXO (Nasdaq: HEXO)
  9. TherapeuticsMD (Nasdaq: TXMD)
  10. Camber Energy (NYSE: CEI)

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Penny Stocks to Watch

Sundial Growers

Marijuana stocks are great penny stocks to watch and possibly buy. That’s because they’re in an expanding market. And like the plant itself, the stock has the potential to grow quickly.

Sundial growers is a cannabis company founded in 2006, and headquartered in Canada. It uses best business practices and plans to revolutionize the marijuana industry. It’s already partnered with several universities and medical facilities. And it seems to be focusing on medical marijuana rather than recreational.

The management team includes people with experience from Kellogg’s, Conagra Brands and General Mills. This experienced leadership team is taking it in the right direction.

The stock may not be a great buy right now, but it’s had some nice highs in the past. So, it’s a great penny stock to watch. Here are more marijuana penny stocks to consider as well.


The pet industry keeps growing in new ways, including health and life insurance. Zomedica does not deal with insurance. But it does deal with pet health pharmaceuticals, which makes it a smart penny stock to watch. It’s a veterinary company that comes up with medicines for pets. It starts at the discovery stage and goes all the way to commercialization.

Zomedica focuses on health issues and vet needs that remain unmet. It recently acquired PulseVet, which is a technology that releases sound waves to stimulate blood flow and healing.

It’s also appointed a new CEO, who has over 35 years of experience in the biotech industry. He also has high points in the business and commercialization fields. And that’s always great when you’re running a company.


With 5G already being rolled out, 6G is the next step on Nokia’s to-do list. Nokia Bell Labs is working on it right now, and preparing to make it commercially available by 2030. It’s meant to be an immersive experience, where worlds will come together and “fuse to trigger extrasensory experiences.”

Nokia is a telecom company based in Finland. The company has pivoted in a few different directions but its current roadmap looks solid. Technically, it’s just out of the penny stock price range but it‘s still a great one to watch.

Naked Brand

This isn’t the smoothie brand you love so much. Naked Brand is an online-only swimwear and intimate apparel brand. It’s focused on creating a better user experience.

And it’s doing this by working on fitting the piece to the customer and other aspects of the e-commerce chain.

Naked Brand is a new company, coming from an already well-established New Zealand business. Naked Brand was created in 2018 and was merged with Bendon Limited. In April 2021, it exited and is now on its own in the marketplace.

This is a great penny stock to watch because it has a lot of potential to grow.


Organigram is another marijuana company. It produces medical and recreational cannabis. Its website features a virtual tour, where you can learn more about the propagation, growth and harvesting process. It also has a strong focus on keeping clients happy, while optimizing the growth of the business.

It strives for a great management team, innovation and having a high quality product. The parent company owns several different brands, including Organigram, Edison Cannabis Co, Shred and Trailblazer.

Organigram is another great penny stock to watch because of its high potential to bring rewards to investors. And like Sundial, it’s based out of Canada. If you’re looking for some of the top U.S. marijuana stocks, check out that article as well.


Ideanomics focuses on mass adoption and commercialization of electric vehicles. It helps companies overcome the barriers of having an electric vehicle fleet, having charging stations and other problems.

Ideanomics owns several different brands, including Solectrac, which features battery powered tractors. It also provides technology that improves on the financial industry.

Genius Brands

Genius Brands is a kids entertainment company that includes many channels and TV shows. It has an excellent place in the market, with several distribution outlets. Some of these include Roku, Amazon Prime and DISH.

Genius Brands has wonderful leadership. And the CEO, Andy Heyward, is an Emmy Award recipient. He’s produced thousands of episodes of kid’s shows that are now common household names. Some of these shows include The Real Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Sailor Moon and dozens more.

The rest of the management team also has incredible success in their fields. It would be smart to keep Genius Brands on your list of penny stocks to watch.


HEXO is another cannabis company. It strives to create and distribute products that include innovation on a global scale. It’s an award-winning company with a reputation for great customer service.

HEXO is a good penny stock to watch because it’s in a fast-growing market. Plus, it’s still young. The company has great leadership and a wonderful reputation. People want great customer service, and HEXO delivers. That’s one of the best indicators to tell where a company might go.


TherapeuticsMD is a medical company that’s focuses on women’s menopause and reproductive health. It owns two different brands – TherapeuticsMD and VitaCare.

On the website, each management team member is listed under each brand. And the site states that leadership has a proven track record of success in development and commercialization. They also have success in the women’s health market.

Camber Energy

Camber Energy is a great penny stock to watch. Oil and gas prices are predicted to go sky high, and that should take the respective stocks with them.

This company has solid leaders, and one of the Board of Directors has served on the Board of Trustees of The Nature Conservancy for 16 years.

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More Penny Stocks to Watch

These penny stocks to watch are certainly only the beginning if you want to keep your eye on some winners. Pick out companies in fast-growing markets, and make sure the management teams know what they’re doing. Future success is often indicated by past successes.

Experience going up through the ranks with the company can also be a good signal they’ll do well in a management role.

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