Pharmaceutical penny stocks can be good for the body and the portfolio. As the seasons change, illnesses come out to play. And humans are their playground.

Many companies strive to help people get rid of these sometimes debilitating conditions. And most of the time, pharmaceuticals are used one way or another.

There are endless diseases and problems to treat. And pharmaceuticals just so happen to be a common solution. So, there’s a ton of opportunity in the medical field.

Businesses jump on this opportunity. They start offering stock, and pharmaceutical penny stocks are born.

This is where we come in. Investors have been making money from medical companies for decades. And the industry seems to only be ramping up more and more over time.

Penny stocks are inherently speculative at their core. And they are volatile. Volatility is a good and bad thing, at the same time. It can make an investor a lot of money. But only if they can control themselves, and know what they are doing.

So, if you haven’t done much investing or trading, use a small amount of money at first. However, volatility can also be dangerous. Because, the price can drop on a penny stock very fast. And if you aren’t prepared for it, you might panic sell. Know what you’re getting into. Don’t invest more than you are okay with losing. Start with a small amount of capital.

Pharmaceutical penny stocks to invest in.

Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks to Buy

  • Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: DFFN)
  • Histogen Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTO)
  • Kintara Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: KTRA)
  • Vascular Biogenics Ltd. (Nasdaq: VBLT)
  • Acasti Pharma Inc. (Nasdaq: ACST)
  • Solid Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq: SLDB)
  • Oasmia Pharmaceutical (OTC: OASMY)
  • Willow Biosciences Inc. (OTC: CANSF)

Best Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks

No. 7 Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Diffusion is a pharmaceutical penny stock that has a very low market cap of less than $28 million. Its main offering is a solution for hypoxia. Hypoxia is a life-threatening condition where the tissues do not have enough oxygen. They can’t sustain themselves.

In recent news, Diffusion participated in a biotech showcase. And, it was at the JP Morgan 40th Annual Healthcare Conference 2022.

No. 6 Histogen Inc.

Histogen is still in its clinical stage. But, it aims to produce solutions that kickstart the body’s natural healing process. And, by doing this, allow the body to heal itself and stay healthy.

It has a unique manufacturing process. This process helps them stand out from the competition. And, it is also very repeatable. Which gives Histogen much greater scalability.

This pharmaceutical penny stock aims to provide solutions to various conditions. Including hair growth, spinal disk repair and other issues.

No. 5 Kintara Therapeutics Inc.

Kintara has a very small market cap of barely over $20 million. This pharmaceutical penny stock has tons of room to grow. In addition, it has a mission that makes it unique and lovable.

They see that there are some cancers that are more resistant to therapies than others. It’s in clinical trials for a drug right now.

Recently, Kintara has been attending various health conferences. They’ve also appointed a different CEO. So, it seems they know when a change needs to occur within the leadership positions. And they aren’t afraid to make those changes.

No. 4 Vascular Biogenics Ltd.

This pharmaceutical penny stock has been very low for a long time. But, it seems it’s recently trying to bump its way back up. Vascular is working on helping patients with few options as far as treatments or cures.

Ovarian cancer is high on its priority list. Plus, diseases that affect the immune system, and other cancers.

Recently, the company has appointed a new Chief Commercial Officer. They’ve also been attending healthcare summits. Which always helps with marketing.

Vascular has a full leadership team, which looks to have many successes under their belt. Also supporting them is a full Board of Directors. And even a full board of scientific advisors.

No. 3 Acasti Pharma Inc.

This pharmaceutical penny stock seeks to provide solutions for rare diseases. And, those diseases that don’t have many solutions available. These are called “orphan diseases.”

Acasti focuses on finding solutions that allow convenience, performance and efficiency. It also tries for reducing side effects as much as possible. These diseases include Ataxia, plus nerve damage in the brain from a virus and brain hemorrhages.

Acasti recently completed the acquisition of Grace Therapeutics, Inc. This helps Acasti stay on its course and fulfill its mission to help patients with rare diseases.

No. 2 Solid Biosciences Inc.

This pharmaceutical penny stock focuses on one thing, Duchenne muscular dystrophy. By applying gene therapy, it hopes to treat the mutation. Thus, giving patients more normal lives.

Along with being passionate about its mission, the management team is experienced. The CEO founded Solid to find a cure for muscular dystrophy for his own son. So, nobody can say he isn’t focused and driven.

Additionally, the scientific advisory board and board of directors supports the management team.

Plus, Solid is very effective in showing how difficult the disease is for those who have it. They make it very easy to empathize with their patients.

This is a great tool for raising investor funds now. And if they ever decide to garner funds through donations, they could do it quickly and easily.

Best Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks No. 1 Oasmia Pharmaceutical

Oasmia is a very old pharmaceutical penny stock. Founded in 1988, it’s a Swiss company. It focuses on cancers that are a little more difficult to treat and get rid of than others.

Recently, Oasmia announced it’s changing its name to Vivesto. Also, it’s come up with a new way to administer drugs. So far, the new tech has been successful in treating ovarian cancer therapies.

Right now, the company focuses on ovarian and prostate cancers. But it’s also are in Phase two for finding treatments for dog cancer. So, they aren’t limiting themselves. In fact, that’s a great sign that the company is looking for profitable opportunities.