Titan Invest is a new and unique robo-advisor that has caught the eyes of investors across the country. You can now invest like a hedge fund and protect your capital unlike ever before. Are you looking for a Titan Invest review to determine if this premier robo-advisor is right for you? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Titan Invest Review: History and Background

Titan Invest was launched in 2018 by Clay Gardner, Joe Percoco and Max Bernardy. Both Joe and Clay met at The Wharton School during their studies at the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, it’s one of the best business schools in America.

According to the company website, their goal is to build the best investment firm ever. Now this is a tough task, but the company is expanding quickly and has already grabbed the attention of the industry after a successful 2020.

The company currently manages over $500 million in assets for more than 25,000 clients. In 2020, its revenue, customer base and assets under management (AUM) grew by over 600%. And this was done without a massive marketing strategy.

You may not find a Titan Invest review on some of the most popular investment publications. And this is because the company is anything but a normal robo-advisor.

Titan Invest is a retail investment management platform. Moreover, it uses a hedge-fund style strategy that helps clients protect their capital during market downturns.

In general, they are giving you the chance to invest your money like a long-term hedge fund. And, in doing so, you could outperform the overall market return.

Titan Invest is separating itself from a crowded pack, which includes the likes of Betterment, Ally Invest and Charles Schwab.

Each has their own perks. But they all provide similar investing packages. This is where Titan Invest stands apart.

How the Titan Invest Platform Works

Most robo-advisors will invest your money into traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Titan Invest, however, invests your money into a specific group of individual stocks. They currently offer two strategies: Titan Flagship and Titan Opportunities.

Both strategies focus on a long-term investment in the best companies in the world. And the team at Titan uses quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine which stocks are best for your portfolio.

Next, each portfolio comes with a personalized hedge that is completely automated. This hedge can be set to varying levels depending on your preferred risk tolerance. Once you open an account, you can pick your risk tolerance to be aggressive, moderate or conservative. The goal of this automated “hedging” strategy is to mitigate potential losses once market volatility hits.

Now that you know how it works, how much does it cost? Let’s dig a little deeper into this Titan Invest review.

Titan Invest Fees and More

As you can see, Titan Invest is unlike any other robo-advisor on the market today. And this comes at a cost.

The annual fee for all services is 1%. However, you can receive a 0.25% discount for every personal referral.

The minimum investment amount is set at $100 and $500 for IRAs. You will also have access to a live support team via email, phone call, chat and social media.

But there is a twist. At this time, there is no desktop version of Titan Invest. You can only access your account via their mobile app. This alone has pushed many seasoned investors away from their services.

But it isn’t affecting the company’s growth at the moment. And they made it known very early that their target demographic was millennials between the ages of 25-35.

What’s Next for Titan Invest?

Every Titan Invest review will tell you how this company stands apart today. But it’s also important to recognize its plans for the future. This will help you determine if it’s the best robo-advisor for you.

In February of 2021, Titan Invest raised a $12.5 million Serie A financing that was led by venture capital firm General Catalyst. This is a major investment that brings the company’s total funding to $16 million. This round of funding also includes the likes of Ashton Kutcher. The famous actor, who also invested in Acorns, is now partnering with Titan as well.

The company will use this funding to continue “building the operating system that will power active investment management for future generations of investors.”

Finding the Best Robo-Advisor for Your Portfolio

The world of investing is shifting towards easy-to-use digital platforms. And this transition is streamlining the investing process and also providing invaluable resources, tips and tools for all traders.

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It can be difficult to decide on the best platform to begin your investment journey. But if you take anything away from this Titan Invest review, it should be that this company will be in the spotlight for a long time. That’s due to its unique vision and one-of-a-kind strategies.