These up and coming penny stocks are very speculative. And they could become aggressive additions to your portfolio. They vary in industry. But, they are all penny stocks. And they all have the potential to make massive gains in the future.

But, be careful about how you invest. That is, if you decide to invest in these.

Penny stocks are very risky. Don’t get me wrong, they could make an investor a lot of money. But, they involve an amount of risk that should be taken very seriously.

Always do your own due diligence on any investment. Especially speculative or aggressive ones. Learn about the company and industry before you buy in.

Take your time to research the company. Then, if it becomes something you still want to put money into, make a plan. Tell yourself how long you’re going to hold the stock for. And stick to that plan.

It helps a lot to give yourself a longer timeline. It takes away some of the emotional aspect of trading. But, whether you invest or trade (short term or long term), stick to your time commitment.

Below are some of the best up and coming penny stocks to check out now.

Up and coming penny stocks to buy now.

Best Up and Coming Penny Stocks

  • Phunware Inc. (Nasdaq: PHUN)
  • Exela Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: XELA)
  • TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: TOMZ)
  • Denison Mines Corp. (NYSE: DNN)
  • Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. (Nasdaq: SOLO)

Up and Coming Penny Stocks to Buy

No. 5 Phunware Inc.

Phunware is in the tech industry. With gross profit margins of over 52%, it’s easy to see why this would make investors money. A high-growth industry, cushy profits and still a young company. Plus, market cap is only about $213 million.

The company creates software for mobile devices. And, it’s also into blockchain.

Helping companies establish themselves, one of their offerings is rooted in crypto. It helps these brands create loyalty programs. So, the customers get rewarded via crypto.

This up and coming penny stock could grow very big with the crypto market. Especially with more and more companies seeking crypto integration for their business model.

No. 4 Exela Technologies Inc.

Exela Technologies is an up and coming penny stock that helps businesses automate. Finding new ways to scale is always a priority for any company. No matter what industry, all businesses seek to make more money.

Also, a fairly young business, Exela has a market cap of about $125 million. So, it’s still a baby.

In recent news, it announced a share buyback program. The stock followed this with a nice, big increase. This promise is for 100 million shares at up to $1 per share.

Exela conducts business with major global banks, healthcare companies and others.

No. 3 TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc.

This up and coming penny stock is one that caters to a variety of industries. And it does so on a global scale.

They provide a sterilizing system that puts mist into the air. So, the system should disinfect surfaces in seconds. And it does so without any residue. Plus, lag time is cut down immensely.

Since Covid has come out to play, humans has become much more aware of germs. And we are doing anything in our power to stay away from infectious diseases.

TOMI’s solution addresses COVID-19. But also, any other bacteria and disease we may need to extinguish in the future.

No. 2 Denison Mines Corp.

One industry that’ll probably get a lot of attention soon is uranium. Since many people are looking to greener alternatives, they are trying to ditch coal. And other forms of energy, like gas and oil. That doesn’t leave many other choices.

So, uranium becomes an attractive choice by default. Denison is an up and coming penny stock that’s a large producer of uranium. They own over 1,000 square miles in assets.

Plus, they operate out of Canada. And that’s great for the company and investors, too. Canada is one of the best countries for mining raw, natural resources.

And, you can find some of the world’s best natural resource companies thriving on the TSX.

Up and Coming Penny Stocks No. 1 Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp.

This up and coming penny stock has surprised a few stock analysts. The electric vehicle market keeps growing. More problems are being addressed. And more unique solutions are being created. In this case, a three-wheeled, electric car. And it’s meant for one person.

Electrameccanica aims to address the fact that most people drive alone in their car. The “modern driver” wants something small, affordable and electric.

This up and coming penny stock still has a nice, small market cap at under $250 million. This Canadian company is also very young. Founded in 2015, it listed on the stock exchange in 2017.