Uranium penny stocks could be a wise investment for the future. Demand for uranium has been going up in the recent decade. The U.S. has become thirstier for it, and has begun stockpiling. Further, the 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster and COVID-19 are two incidents pushing U.S. uranium stocks higher.

Now the Biden administration wants to rid the country of carbon-based power sources. And since there aren’t many other options, uranium is looking pretty good. The nuclear industry was also addressed in the $2 trillion climate plan.

Yes, you can make a lot of money if you buy out if prices go much higher than when you bought in. However, it’s easy for beginner stock traders and investors to lose much or all their investment. So be sure to do your due diligence and read up on uranium penny stocks before jumping in.

Uranium penny stocks to buy.

Top Uranium Penny Stocks

  1. UR Energy Inc. (NYSE: URG)
  2. Denison Mines Corporation (NYSE: DNN)
  3. NexGen Energy Ltd. (NYSE: NXE)
  4. Energy Fuels (NYSE: UUUU)
  5. Uranium Royalty Group (Nasdaq: UROY)
  6. Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE: UEC)

Best Uranium Penny Stocks to Buy

UR Energy Inc.

UR Energy is a uranium penny stock based out of Colorado. And it has a nice market cap of $256 million. That’s entering the medium size realm. But, it’s still nice and small so there’s some big growth to be had.

They are the lowest-cost producer of uranium in North America. Involvement includes mining and processing. Even exploration and development of properties and assets. Assets reside in Wyoming and Nevada.

In addition, the company aims to leave a small footprint. And they do this by extracting the uranium and leaving the rock “in the place.”

The leadership team has many years of experience and success. So does the Board of Directors.

UR has recently joined the Russel Index. And, they’ve announced that their Lost Creek Development is getting ready to ramp up quickly. Earlier this year and last year, they focused on attending conferences and summits. This is always great for marketing. It helps get their name out there. It also allows continuous learning.

Denison Mines Corporation

Denison mines is Canadian uranium penny stock. And the company owns over a thousand square miles in assets. These mines and assets have millions of pounds of mining potential each year.

They strive to be socially responsible. Recently, this was shown by the adoption of an Indigenous Peoples Policy. The policy urges open-mindedness toward Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

It also explains how there are many different groups of native people. Each have different cultures. And in the past, they’ve been forced to mold to certain cultural aspects. So, this policy aims to address that.

Denison does a great job of informing their investors and others what they’re doing. Its website contains an array of videos that show the process and explanations of everything it plans to do. And what they are currently working on.

NexGen Energy Ltd.

NexGen is another Canadian uranium penny stock. In fact, they even works in the same area of Canada as Denison does. They’ve got fewer square miles in assets, but not by much.

NexGen has amazing leadership, too. They employ people who have decades of experience. And these are high achievers as well.

Recently, they’ve listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Working hard on getting more projects moving, they’ve awarded a contract to Hatch EPCM. Hatch is going to take care of their Front-End Engineering Design, or FEED. Commencement of exploration of assets have also begun.

In 2020, they appointed a new Chief Project Officer. And they secured $30 million in financing from a company called Queen’s Road Capital.

NextGen also has some social projects going. Like a summer student internship, a dog fostering program and a breakfast club program. Plus, they won the 2019 PDAC Environmental and Social Responsibility Award.

Energy Fuels

This uranium penny stock is the older one on this list. It was founded in 1987. It’s headquarters is in Colorado. They are one of The United States’ leading producers of uranium and vanadium. Plus, it’s getting into Rare Earth Elements.

Energy Fuels has three processing stations. And, 11.5+ million pounds worth of capacity. The company holds more in-ground uranium and vanadium resources than any other U.S. producer.

Energy Fuels focuses on sustainability and clean energy. They’ve also recently partnered with Nanoscale Powders. This partnership aims to create Rare Earth Metal- making tech. They’ve also allied with Consolidated Uranium.

And they’ve set up an organization that’s set to give millions of dollars to local communities. It’s called the San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation.

Uranium Royalty Group

This uranium penny stock aims to provide liquidity. And it does this by purchasing shares and investments in uranium companies. The company buys streams of income, debt, equity and use physical uranium transactions.

Uranium Royalty operates mines or produce uranium. It simply collects uranium assets. And occasionally, when they feel like it, they buy and sell some physical uranium.

The leadership of this company is good. The CEO, who also serves as a Chairman and Director, also founded a previous mining company. So, he’s no stranger to the mining industry.

Uranium Royalty Group has a diversified portfolio. And much of the risk and heavy capital that other uranium producers must carry? That’s no problem with this company. Because there are no physical assets. Only money changing hands. And, every once in a while, some physical uranium.

Best Uranium Penny Stocks: Uranium Energy Corp

Uranium Energy Corp is a uranium penny stock with a $1 billion market cap. But that doesn’t mean it won’t grow any more. It’s a U.S. based mining and exploration company. Within the U.S., they own projects in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming and other southwestern states.

On the website, they share that they have full permission to produce 4 million pounds of uranium in Texas and Wyoming.

But they also own assets in other countries. These include Canada and Paraguay.