Amp crypto was one of the standout tokens last year. So far, 2022 hasn’t treated it quite as well. But there is still reason to be optimistic about its future growth potential. This is thanks to access becoming easier than ever. But we’ll get more into the second point in a bit when we make our long-term Amp crypto price prediction below.

A black and gold illustration for AMP crypto

Our friend Andy Snyder predicted 2021 would be the year of crypto. And boy was he right. Bitcoin ballooned in value. And Ethereum followed an equally explosive trajectory. But not all tokens were on such a tear during this period.

During the first half of 2021, Amp crypto wasn’t getting much love. It was trading for a few cents per token. There just wasn’t much trading volume there. But as more and more money was sent into crypto markets, altcoins with a purpose started to get some deserved attention. And that attention acted as rocket fuel for the portfolios of long-term Amp crypto holders. Not long after it was added to the popular crypto exchange, Coinbase, Amp shot up than 1,000%. But it’s since retreated back to pre-Coinbase prices. But we think there’s reason to believe a resurgence could be coming.

Amp Crypto: A Look Into the Crypto Crystal Ball

So many cryptos with a target for the moon follow the same formula. They have an active presence on Discord. Amp crypto checks that box. A social media presence on Twitter helps too. A dedicated subreddit is a nice touch too. But these are just a means to boost hype. From there it boils down to four elements that are actually important.

  • Strong tokenomics
  • A plan for future growth
  • A reason for increased adoption
  • Ease of investor access

Access to Amp Got a Lot Easier

We’ll look at these in reverse order starting with access. Anybody who’s been in the crypto market for a while probably has accounts on a few different exchanges. Many of them offer a simple, centralized place to buy cryptos.

Some of the larger exchanges make it incredibly easy to trade fiat dollars right for crypto. But that’s not always the case. Some exchanges require the transfer of one crypto to it in order to use it to buy another. Then there are decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap. These offer access to a much wider array of crypto. But they can be tricky to navigate. And they require holdings in larger cryptos in order to use them.

While many exchanges already offered access to Amp crypto, it got a boost in interest when it uplisted to one of our favorite exchanges, Coinbase. And there’s good reason. Getting listed on Coinbase is like making the jump from AAA to the major leagues. Or in lieu of a baseball simile, it’s like a stock trading on an over-the-counter exchange jumping up to the Nasdaq.

This is a big deal for two reasons. One, in order to be listed on Coinbase, the dev team has to undergo a thorough vetting. The Amp crypto team obviously passed that test with ease. Secondly, Coinbase’s ease of use means those who aren’t necessarily willing to jump through the hoops necessary on other exchanges now have access to Amp. All of this led to a massive increase in trading volume. More recently though, trading volume has waned. But here’s why we think it’s ready for a comeback…

Increased Adoption

Many investors don’t really care about the “point” of most cryptos… They’re just looking to make money from their investment. But it helps to look for cryptos with a purpose. In essence, Bitcoin is competition for the dollar. That and helping to usher in the era of blockchain technology are the points of Bitcoin. It’s the reason we saw El Salvador adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Interestingly, it’s also the reason some governments are banning Bitcoin… Some don’t like the competition.

But not every crypto is built to compete with currencies. The team behind Telcoin crypto set out to disrupt the remittance industry and make it cheaper and faster to send money back home. Ethereum has seen a boost thanks to the fact that most NFTs are built on it. And ICP crypto wants to decentralize the entire internet.

While these goals are possible, they aren’t all fully realized yet. But a reason for adoption is a useful asset to have in order to pump up adoption. And the team behind Amp crypto has a very high-minded reason for increasing its value in the future. In short, this token aims to be a collateral asset that can be used to lower payment fees and prevent fraud. If enacted to the full vision, it could help make cryptos of all sorts safe, cheap and usable for merchants. In other words, Amp crypto is trying to usher in widespread adoption… with an emphasis on using the currency aspect of cryptocurrencies. You can read the full whitepaper here.

The Tokenomics & Future of Amp Crypto

The last two points we can combine into one section. Because there’s a sizable amount of overlap here. Case in point: It’s noninflationary. Furthermore, when new projects adopt Amp, the way it’s been implemented will result in increased liquidity and decentralization.

This, in turn, should lead to enhanced value and reduced volatility as the Amp crypto mission spreads. And speaking more directly to its plans for the future, it’s easy to appreciate how much effort the team made to make its foundation as flexible and future-proof as possible. This goes a long way in the crypto space… and should help ensure potential investors know that Amp crypto has taken a long view of the crypto space. This makes it an interesting token to consider stocking up on now and keeping a close eye on how it moves in the coming years.

Even though there’s no actual crypto crystal ball, making a generalized Amp crypto price prediction isn’t out of the question. Even though it would be a fool’s gambit to peg a specific price to it two years from now (or even two months from now), there’s a lot of justifiable excitement around Amp crypto. That in of itself is reason enough for medium- or long-term investors to consider adding it to their crypto portfolio.

Even if we all don’t take advantage of all that Amp crypto will be offering, that doesn’t mean there’s any less reason to try to make some money from it.

The Bottom Line on Amp Crypto

As we noted above, Andy’s call that 2021 would be the year of crypto was spot-on. That helped build momentum behind Amp crypto. But once the pumpers dumped, the value diminished significantly. That being said, we still expect big things from this relatively new token. Is another 1,000% jump in value possible? Of course. But it’s going to take some time.

What we need to see if further adoption. If its its verifiable collateralization system of collateral partitions and managers begins to be adopted at a larger scale, Amp crypto isn’t likely to be trading for pennies for much longer. This might not be a great token for day trading crypto. But for buy-and-holders, AMP crypto could provide a nice payday in the years to come.