There are many super cheap stocks to buy. And they’re very fun to buy and hold. Since there are many of them out there, you want to find the best of the best. So, sifting through them one by one is just completely impractical.

If you can find some great companies, cheap stocks can also make you a lot of money. And sometimes, they can do this in a short amount of time.

But, like I said, it’s finding them that’s the problem. Lucky for you, I’ve come up with a great foundation. These cheap stocks to buy have great potential. Great risk, in this case, could make for great reward.

The best cheap stocks to buy.

Cheap Stocks to Buy Now

  • Surgalign Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: SRGA)
  • Waitr Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: WTRH)
  • GEE Group, Inc. (NYSE: JOB)
  • DSS Inc. (NYSE: DSS)
  • Tantech Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: TANH)
  • BIOLASE, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIOL)
  • Parks! America, Inc. (OTC: PRKA)

Best Cheap Stocks to Buy

No. 7 Surgalign Holdings Inc.

Surgalign is one of the best cheap stocks to buy. And that’s because it helps surgeons work on people’s spines.

The spinal area is very sensitive. And when a doctor or surgeon is trusted with taking a knife to that area of a person’s body? They have a life in their hands.

It’s incredibly important for that doctor to make sure they do a perfect job. Because if they don’t, there are any number of problems that could and will arise. For instance, the loss of motor function and other diseases or disorders.

Surgalign has created the world’s first AI powered assistant for spine surgeries. It also uses augmented reality to give the surgeon images.

These images and insight allow the surgeon and patient to have a much better experience. Along with this groundbreaking technology, they also offer a variety of products related to spinal surgery.

No. 6 Waitr Holdings Inc.

Waitr is a lot like Doordash. There are a few major differences, though. This cheap stock to buy enlists people to deliver for them.

It also partners with restaurants to create business. But, the company treats its drivers more like employees. Doordash and other food delivery services consider all their delivery drivers as freelancers.

Also, drivers get paid an average of $18.98 per hour. And that’s even higher than the national average pay.

Waitr operates mostly in the south. But, it also does business in a few other states. Plus, Waitr offer the ability for restaurants to give contactless ordering for dine-in. And it offers mobile ordering in the restaurant. It’s an edge that could give them a great competitive advantage.

Additionally, the company is marketing it as being “safer for the people.” But, it’s also feeding into the human’s natural love of laziness. So, it has some staying power.

No. 5 GEE Group, Inc.

This is one of the cheap stocks to buy that’s had quite a bit of time to be a bear. But, it’s also broken out of that trend. This could be a very good sign for GEE Group.

It offers staffing solutions that span a wide variety of industries. And headhunting can be a very lucrative gig.

But GEE has turned it into a full-service business model. The company is very old, too. Started in 1893, it has a lot of experience under its belt. And it looks like the company isn’t planning on slowing down.

No. 4 DSS Inc.

DSS is a cheap stock to buy that purchases companies. Then, it provides the leadership and other essential processes to those businesses. The company focuses on customer success and leadership.

The businesses range across many industries. Including packaging, biomedical and even blockchain. In addition, it seems it has recently made plans to buy more companies.

Recently, DSS has bought over 25% of a company called Alset International Ltd. This company specializes in real estate development. Plus, DSS has received a $17 million investment from Alset.

I’m not completely sure what is going on with these two exchanges. But in the press release, DSS’s CEO describes it as, “a strong vote of confidence from our majority shareholder, Alset Ehome International.”

No. 3 Tantech Holdings Ltd.

Tantech is very unique. With headquarters in China, they offer products that are made from bamboo. These products include agricultural, as well as cleaning and cooking. It uses bamboo and charcoal, and this gives the company a “greener” edge in the market.

This cheap stock to buy had prices drop shortly after announcing a public offering of shares. In addition, the company plans to use these new funds to work on the business at a core level. Things like having working capital and creating more business opportunities.

So, this drop in price could be a win-win for investors and Tantech. One, the price dropped, creating a great opportunity for investors to get this stock at a discount. And two, the reason the price dropped is because Tantech is making the company better.

No. 2 BIOLASE, Inc.

This is one of the best cheap stocks to buy because of the industry. Biolase is in the dental market. And it’s working to create better lasers for dentists and patients. Better lasers mean more comfort for both parties. Biolase aims to give patients a shorter healing time and much less pain.

And, it’s likely their product will support more revenue flowing in. Because less pain means less fear of the dentist.

With a small market cap of about $63 million, it has lots of room to grow and scale. The company offers dozens of resources for dentists, hygienists and patients. Whether those are products, procedures or education.

Top Cheap Stocks to Buy No. 1 Parks! America, Inc.

People love animals. And our love for them only grows with time. So, it’s natural for us to empathize with those animals that are cooped up in cages. We want to see them roam free and happy.

So, Parks! America has created a natural setting where animals can roam free.

People can come to these large enclosures and go on a self-guided safari. It’s much better for the animals. And, it’s more attractive to people. Because customers get to observe natural behavior, it’s more rewarding.

When an animal chooses to interact with us, it’s a very special feeling. So, the fact that the animals could approach the car makes things even more fun.

This is one of the best cheap stocks to buy, and is incredibly old. Founded all the way back in 1954, it’s obvious it was created out of love for the animals.