The GeroWallet crypto is one of the latest tokens to come out riding the hype train with enthusiastic support from many of the usual suspects. It’s got devotees on Telegram. It has a growing Twitter presence. And the popular YouTuber BitBoy Crypto has come out swinging in support of GeroWallet. So what’s behind all the hype? And is it, well, just hype? That’s a tough one…

Man trading GeroWallet crypto on his computer and phone.

In some areas of business, secrets make the world go round. Google’s parent company, Alphabet (Nasdaq: GOOGL), has a whole company dedicated to semi-secret research called “X.” Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has always gone to extreme measures to save the unveiling of new products for its own curated events.

In the financial world, Renaissance Technologies is a high-tech hedge fund that keeps the secrets behind its success very close to the chest. Its flagship, the Medallion fund, is famous for having the best track record on Wall Street from 1988 to 2018. But very few know the inner workings of its quantitative strategy.

The crypto world has its share of secrets too. The author of the Bitcoin white paper and creator of the first blockchain database is still a mystery… beyond his nom de plume, that is.

This new era of cryptocurrencies operates in a markedly different way though. Transparency is a sign of trustworthiness. When a development team behind a new coin doxes itself, it can be a signal for investors to come running. Secret plans for the future are laid bare for all to see weeks or months – if not years – before they’re realized.

This strategy makes sense though. Crypto is still a new and disruptive technology. Development teams are trying to out-disrupt each other.

And with that, let’s look at the new token that might disrupt the way crypto wallets work…

GeroWallet Crypto: A Team With a Mission

The biggest question when it comes to a new crypto is always this: Will it achieve its goals? The boring answer for GeroWallet crypto is only time will tell. But the exciting part is that its goals are worth rallying around.

Anyone who’s been buying crypto for a while is probably used to bouncing from app to app (or website to website) in order to do so. Sure, there are crypto exchanges that take fiat dollars. And then, they allow you to exchange the fiat dollars for any of the cryptos available. One of our favorite exchanges, Coinbase, makes this exceedingly simple, in fact.

However, the offerings on Coinbase are limited. If you’re trying to get in on the latest and “greatest” crypto being hyped up, Coinbase probably isn’t going to be very helpful. As with Binance, Coinmama, Robinhood and eToro, the cryptos available are limited.

This makes perfect sense though. These platforms make the teams that develop their cryptocurrencies jump through a lot of hoops in order to earn their listings. This vetting process makes them safer and indicates a higher level of legitimacy. In the process, this can push promising and disruptive altcoins of the future to the side. And that makes it a lot harder to invest in them. There are still ways, of course. It’s just a little on the complex side. But the GeroWallet crypto has its eyes on the prize of changing that… in a very big way.

A Central Market for the Decentralized

This is a grand generalization, but at a certain point, folks don’t want to learn a whole new way to do something. That’s whether they hit a certain age or just fall into the same routine… unless that “new way” makes doing something a whole lot easier.

Case in point: Try telling someone who’s unfamiliar with crypto about the mission behind Telcoin. This crypto is trying to make the process easier for immigrants to send money back home to friends and family. Or even better yet, tell someone how Yummy Coin is trying to end world hunger. For most people, that’s an easy sell. Now tell them they have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Binance, and buy some BNB.
  • Add that BNB to your favorite crypto wallet.
  • Head over to one of the popular decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap or PancakeSwap.
  • Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to transfer your BNB in exchange for the crypto of your choosing.

Side note: It can be difficult to find the actual crypto you’re looking for on these exchanges if you don’t have the wallet name that is 40-plus characters long.

OK, now you’ve bought the crypto that you plan to exchange. You’ve got your wallet and have added it. Now you’re at the exchange you plan to use. You’ve unlocked your wallet. You’ve found the crypto you want to buy. You execute the trade. Mission accomplished.

If you make it through all of that without an error along the way, it’s an impressive feat. And if you can help someone unfamiliar with crypto navigate this process… even more kudos. We’ve tried. And it doesn’t always go well. But if the GeroWallet crypto executes its vision, this whole process could change.

What the Future Could Hold

If you want to go buy some Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum Classic, it’s never been easier. You don’t need a multistep plan. You don’t need to navigate unfamiliar websites. There are no transfers of one altcoin for another. In fact, if you’re a Morgan Stanley customer, you can get into Bitcoin with not much more than a phone call. But that’s not universally the case… With any crypto.

The reason to be excited about GeroWallet crypto is simple. It will upend all of the steps outlined above… IF – and that’s a capital “IF” – it works according to plan. But the streamlined world it’s hoping to create would be a thing of beauty.

Imagine being able to safely store, send or receive any cryptocurrency – no matter what blockchain it’s designed for. That’s one goal behind the GeroWallet crypto.

Now imagine being able to buy or sell ANY cryptocurrency with fiat on- and off-ramps. This alone would be simply incredible.

Then, there are little things like effortlessly plugging into decentralized applications and services across any blockchain… easily swapping digital assets… and staking tokens. The team behind GeroWallet crypto is also hoping to enact crypto collateral-based loans. Naturally, $GERO tokens will be the native token for the GeroWallet platform.

Right now, the GeroWallet crypto is trading at less than $0.50 a token. Its fully diluted market cap is around $230 million. But with a maximum supply of 500,000,000 coins, you can expect both of those numbers to increase substantially if the GeroWallet platform is actually realized.

The Bottom Line on GeroWallet Crypto

The GeroWallet crypto team has some impressive bona fides. It comes from the likes of NASA and Google. But as if developing a wallet capable of all it wants wasn’t enough of a challenge, it’ll also be going up against some stringent regulations, as well.

If the GeroWallet crypto team is able to navigate its way to the end goal, its success could amount to one of the most disruptive moments in crypto since its inception. And that alone makes the $GERO token an interesting investment opportunity. Those interested in taking the plunge can head over to Uniswap via this link and start trading.

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