You don’t need the Wall Street hacks to get rich. But you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to investing either. There’s another alternative: investment newsletters.

After all, if you’re not skeptical of stock brokers and financial advisors, you should be.

Stock brokers and financial advisors make money by charging commissions for trades or by charging fees to manage your money. In addition, they can also charge commissions to push specific financial products that can reward their own wallets more than yours. That means that their interests do not necessarily align with the interests of their customers.

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After all, the more money you are spending on commissions and fees, the fewer profits you are actually earning on your investment. However, unless you are a financial expert, investing on your own can be risky. If you simply put your money in index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you won’t beat the markets and will miss out on higher-return opportunities.

On the other hand, if you pick stocks on your own without a broad and deep knowledge of the markets, you could easily lose your shirt on bad stock picks or a market downturn.

Investment newsletters serve as a middle course between putting your faith in a financial advisor on the one hand and going it completely alone on the other. They serve to provide you with the kinds of keen thinking and financial insights that can help you beat the market time and again.

Investment U partners with some of the best newsletters in the world to bring you the financial thinking and research you need to become potentially much wealthier.

These resources provide the very best in stock research, analysis and financial thinking to help individual investors like you excel in your investment activities.

Whether you’re looking for great stock picks, mutual fund ideas, ETFs or other vehicles, the right financial newsletter could help you – and your portfolio – thrive like never before.

Investment Newsletters to Consider

1. The Oxford Communiqué with Alexander Green and Nicholas Vardy

The Oxford Communiqué is The Oxford Club’s flagship newsletter. Edited by Alexander Green, The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist (Investment U’s Chief Investment Expert), and with contributions from ETF Strategist Nicholas Vardy (Investment U’s ETF Expert), the Communiqué provides clear, practical advice for investors of every skill level.

The Communiqué is a highly admired publication with top-level analysis and writing. As a result, the industry considers it one of the best financial newsletters in the world. The independent Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked the Communiqué as one of the 10 top-performing letters in the nation for the last 15 years. 

Alex and Nicholas bring years of strategic investing experience and market knowledge to their subscribers. In each issue of The Oxford Communiqué, they share their wisdom and experience to help investors – whether novice or seasoned – make money and build a rich life.

The Oxford Communiqué is published monthly and available in both print and digital versions. Subscribers have the option to select digital-only or print and digital access.

Additionally, all subscribers receive a weekly Oxford Communiqué Portfolio Update. In this weekly email, Alex sheds light on the state of key investments in the Communiqué portfolios.

2. The Oxford Income Letter with Marc Lichtenfeld

The Oxford Income Letter is a financial newsletter published by The Oxford Club at the beginning of each month. The Oxford Income Letter is led by The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld (Investment U’s Income Expert).

As its name suggests, the Income Letter focuses on income strategies, including dividend-paying stocks. Marc uses his proprietary 10-11-12 System to tap into the wealth-generating power of income investments.

As a result, subscribers to The Oxford Income Letter have the potential to generate extraordinary income. It consists of four portfolios with varying degrees of risk. 

In addition to the monthly issue, which is available in print and digital versions, Marc will update you on the newsletter’s portfolios each week. He also provides answers to subscribers’ questions in a weekly email. 

3. Oxford Growth Investor with Matthew Carr and David Fessler

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious patterns of Wall Street? Do you wish to understand the groundbreaking and emerging trends of the stock market before everyone else? 

Oxford Growth Investor is your passport to this secret financial knowledge. Its pages cover trends that are both longstanding and emerging.

The result? The potential for extraordinary profits! 

Each edition of the newsletter brings you the writings of The Oxford Club’s Chief Trends Strategist Matthew Carr and Engineering Strategist David Fessler. (Both are also experts for Investment U.) Together they offer access to the most groundbreaking investments across various sectors.

Matthew and Dave seek out these cutting-edge, disruptive trends… sort through them to find the best profit opportunities… and deliver them to you on a silver platter.

The monthly newsletter is available in both print and digital formats. Matthew will also provide weekly updates on the portfolios.  

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– Brian M. Reiser,
Investment U Contributing Writer