Which Stocks Should I Invest In? – Answered

Here are three types of stocks to consider.

Is Chevron’s Dividend Safe With Lower Oil Prices?

Chevron’s dividend history is long and it might make a good addition to an income portfolio. Although, lower oil prices might lead to a dividend cut.

CVS Dividend History Shows a Higher Dividend Yield

A growing and aging population has helped support a long CVS dividend history. Although in 2018, the company froze its dividend. Is it now safe?

Best Blue Chip Stocks of 2020

It’s no secret that blue chip stocks are a favorite […]

Top 20 Consumer Staples Stocks for 2020

By paying dividends, consumer staples stocks keep your pockets stuffed through both up and down markets. Rain or shine, it’s an all-weather strategy.

How an 88-Year-Old Tortoise Won the Investing Game

Are you taking on too much risk investing for income? There’s an easier way… one that’s been proven over decades to work.

Annuities: Risks and Rewards (Slideshow)

More than a quarter of a million people reach retirement age each month. Annuities are one way to alleviate fears of outliving your assets.

How to Build Wealth with Dividend-Paying Stocks

I recently received an email from a reader in his 50s who plans to retire in four years. He told me he’s just getting started in investing and wanted some ideas…

>> How to Build Wealth with Dividend-Paying Stocks