Trade of the Day Plus Review

Trade of the Day Plus is a research and trading service full of investment strategies. Take a look at this Trade of the Day Plus review.

What is a Binary Option?

A binary option is an exotic options trade that is relatively uncommon in the United States. These trades are more common on foreign exchanges.

What Does it Mean to Exercise an Option?

When you exercise an option, you are using or activating the contract. Options trading has become a popular investment choice amongst investors.

Learn the Basics of Options Trading: Effective Strategies for Newbies

It’s important to gain a better understanding of the latest options trading strategies in use by investors before you begin trading.

The Black Scholes Model: An Options Pricing Formula

Complicated. But useful.

European Options: What They Are and How They Work

It’s not always best to buy American.

American Options: What They Are and How They Work

It’s not about where they come from.

Selling Covered Calls: An Options Trading Strategy

Wondering what it means to sell covered calls? We got you covered.