Investment Opportunities

The Opioid Crisis Cost Us Almost $200 Billion Last Year

The opioid crisis has cost American families, employers and the government billions of dollars. And we’re just beginning to see drug companies be held accountable. But there’s a silver lining.

Energy Efficiency: America’s Hidden Power Source

We use a lot of energy in the United States. Unfortunately, we waste far more. How can we fix this?

3 Stock Investing Rules to Swear By

Finding the “next big thing” is only one piece of the puzzle. The trickiest part is uncovering which companies in those disruptive sectors are going to produce the biggest gains.

Tracking a $2.9 Million Bet on Beyond Meat

There’s a possible indication Beyond Meat could fall even further.

Everyone Is Googling CBD

Americans are Googling cannabidiol and CBD more than ever. This increased interest is another reason we desperately need marijuana reform.

Mailbag: Defining Reasonable Revenue Growth

In this week’s Mailbag, the Early Investing team explains reasonable revenue growth numbers and underperforming IPOs.

Stop, Shop and Roll – What It Means When Companies Acquire and Merge (or Don’t)

Mergers and acquisitions are often catalysts for rising share prices – and they may even predict recessions.

News Fix: The Two-Minute Drill Version

In the news this week: Adam Neumann gets a hefty severance package, Indian startups have a record year and the Senate finally starts thinking about marijuana research.