Udemy IPO: EdTech Unicorn Filing Information for Investors

Paperwork for the Udemy IPO is now public. The online learning platform is going public on the Nasdaq under the ticker UDMY. Here’s the latest news…

NerdWallet IPO: NRDS Stock to Trade on Nasdaq

The NerdWallet IPO is coming to the market. The company confidentially filed in May and the paperwork is public. Let’s break down the prospectus…

GlobalFoundries IPO: Semiconductor Foundry to Go Public on Nasdaq

A GlobalFoundries IPO is coming to the market. The company confidentially filed in August and the paperwork is now public for potential investors.

Confluent IPO: CFLT Stock Listed on Nasdaq Exchange

The Confluent IPO is here! In the offering, Confluent raised $828 million, selling 23 million shares at $36 each. Let’s take a look at the details…

ISpecimen IPO: ISPC Stock Hits the Nasdaq Exchange

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Weedmaps Stock: Everything to Know About This Cannabis SPAC IPO

Weedmaps stock is hitting the market. After announcing its IPO back in December, investors are finally getting to see this investment opportunity.

Krispy Kreme Stock Is Almost Here: What to Know About the DNUT IPO

The Krispy Kreme IPO filings are now public. After confidentially filing in May, the doughnut company plans to offer Krispy Kreme stock on the Nasdaq.

Vimeo Stock Hits Nasdaq After IAC Spin-Off IPO Completed

Vimeo stock hit the market after parent company IAC announced it completed the spin-off. As a result, VMEO shares trade on the Nasdaq for the first time.