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Gold Says We’ve Got Problems the Fed Can’t Fix

Gold’s having a great year… and it’s proof that another stimulus isn’t going to fix what ails us.

Access The War Room on Demand

Watch Karim’s presentation at The Oxford Club’s Private Wealth Seminar in Park City, Utah – on demand – without even leaving your house!

Energy Storage Is Rising in Popularity Despite COVID-19 Setbacks

Residential energy storage fell 40% in April, but this slowdown will be short-lived.

Qualtrics IPO: SAP Announces Company Will Go Public

A Qualtrics IPO is coming to the market. Less than two years after being acquired by SAP, the company is spinning out to go public. Here’s what we know…

The Five Best Stocks to Trade – Right Now

Click the link inside to see five stocks I’ve traded for fast, consistent profits over and over again.

An Undervalued Sector Adored by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is taking another swing at the major American banks…

Shares of Planet 13 Holdings Are Still a “Buy”

The company that’s dominating the Nevada cannabis market has shares coming off all-time highs. But they still have more upside ahead.

How to Trade Gold the Best Way, Hands Down

“Just sold for a profit of $16,529 (264%). THX.” – Jock B.