Investment Opportunities

SelectQuote IPO: Insurance Comparison Firm Filed to Go Public

A SelectQuote IPO is coming to the markets. Investors want to know when to expect SelectQuote stock. But more importantly, is SelectQuote a good investment?

War Room Members Locked In Profits of 65% From This Trade

My focus has been on the trend in silver and gold prices.

Will Airline Prices Lift Off Again in 2020?

Will airline stocks recover in 2020? Two renowned investors have different takes on airline companies’ likelihood of a rebound.

You’ll Never Guess What’s Sold Out Across America Right Now!

A friend of mine had to get into a “bidding war” to get one of these because they’re sold out everywhere else.

Hydrogen Gas Is the Newest Renewable Energy Source

Hydrogen gas is a renewable energy source that does not require typical energy storage.

The World’s Most Successful Investor Is a Swing Trader

Swing trading has made many a hedge fund manager a fortune – including the world’s most successful investor. But it can work for small investors too.

Cowen Healthcare Investments Raises $492 Million for Third Fund

Cowen Healthcare Investments is breaking headlines after raising $492 million for a third fund that will enhance the company’s investment strategy.

Is NIO Stock a Good Buy Right Now?

Manward Press founder Andy Snyder calls Nio “The Tesla of China.” And it trades at around just $3.