Investment Opportunities

LiveWire IPO Swings to Harsh Decline in NYSE Debut

The LiveWire IPO goes live on the New York Stock Exchange and swings into a drastic decline on its first trading day.

Alcoa Corp Stock: Should Investors Buy?

Alcoa Corp stock continues to fall amidst market volatility, despite positive earnings reports.

AMV IPO: Atlis Motor Vehicles Makes Stock Market Debut

Atlis Motor Vehicles is making headlines as the electric vehicle company makes its debut on the Nasdaq with the AMV IPO.

Should I Buy Starbucks Stock

With shares of SBUX down more than 30%, should I buy Starbucks stock now or hold off for better buying opportunities…

Prime Medicine IPO: A Gene Editing Biotech Startup

A Prime Medicine IPO is preparing to hit the market, and many investors will look to benefit from this biotech startup.

Why Is Costco Stock Down Today?

Costco stock is down today partially because the company’s operating margins came in just below consensus.

Waymo IPO: Latest Updates on Waymo Stock

Here are the latest updates on a potential Waymo IPO. Investors are waiting to get their hands on Waymo stock.

Tesla Stock Price Prediction: Leading the EV Charge

The current Tesla stock price prediction is concerning over the next 12 months, but much more optimistic for the future.