Investment Opportunities

Top 10 Recession Proof Stocks for 2022-2023

The best recession proof stocks should help investors survive and thrive through a downturn. The dividends are nice as well…

Rumble SPAC IPO: Merger Approved and Ready for Debut

The Rumble SPAC IPO is set for its debut on the Nasdaq. In fact, this video platform is ready to test the market in a SPAC merger.

CPI Report Hits the Stocks Market

The recent CPI report is scaring investors. The chance of a big interest rate hike remains high and investors are pushing down stocks

Fanatics Stock Potential: Is a Fanatics IPO Coming?

Fanatics stock has the potential to shake up the market. In fact, many investors believe a Fanatics IPO is coming sooner rather than later.

September 21st Fed Meeting – Massive Opportunity to Win Big

Traders are fearing another massive point increase at the September 21st Fed Meeting. This trade allows you to win no matter what happens.

Corebridge Financial IPO is the Biggest Listing of 2022

The Corebridge Financial IPO is one debut that will be talked about in investing circles for years to come.

Is Globalstar Stock a Buy After Apple’s Announcement?

Globalstar stock saw a big boost from the Apple iPhone announcements. Although, are shares of GSAT worth the cost?

Figma IPO: Is Figma Stock Coming to the Market?

Is a Figma IPO coming to the stock market sooner rather than later? Take a closer look at this intriguing software design company.